About Geographia

Where mapping runs in the family


Geographia Maps, a family owned business, one of the oldest, and also newest map companies in the US, was started in New York City by a European cartographer over 90 years ago.

By the mid 1980’s Geographia introduced and set the standard in the greater New York area for “Large Scale and Easy to Read” street maps and street atlases, and as a consequence was purchased by a national map company.

Geographia was eventually repurchased by the original owners, the Polak family, who used new computer technology to publish digitized street products for the greater New York and New Jersey areas, again setting the standard for “Large Scale Easy to Read” maps and atlases.

Almost all motorists now have GPS systems, smartphone apps, or some type of in-car intelligence that can provide help with navigation and directions, but there are an increasing number of drivers aware that the printed road map helps tremendously when used side-by-side with todays digital navigational devices.

Besides providing a superb overall picture of an area, there are many circumstances in which having a printed road map might be useful. Cell-phone batteries die, or the GPS system is stolen during a trip. Having a road map handy is a smart way to go, and a Geographia map will always be a reliable road-side companion.